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Berlin, Germany

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

Unter Linden 77 • 10117 Berlin • Germany

The Adlon Kempinski Hotel exterior

The legendary Hotel Adlon Kempinski was originally founded in 1907 and became one of the most famous hotels in Europe. It is ideally located in the very heart of a vibrant city, in Berlin’s Mitte beside the famous landmark Brandenburg Gate. The hotel was originally created by Lorenz Adlon, a successful coffeehouse entrepreneur, who had spotted an opportunity to launch a new style of hotel in the city, inspired by the famous luxury hotels of New York such as the Waldorf Astoria or The Ritz in Paris. The hotel also offered a suitable luxury base for the state guests of Kaiser Wilhelm II to stay in when visiting Berlin, as well as some of the most famous names in modern history including the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein and Franklin Roosevelt. Although badly damaged in the War, it was rebuilt and continues to attract celebrity guests, most notably as the hotel that pop star Michael Jackson controversially dangled his child from one of the hotel’s balconies.

The famous original elephant fountain in the lounge area

The lounge area contains a replica of the elephant fountain that was a famous feature of the original hotel.

The beautiful swimming pool in the hotel

The beautiful pool area.

Dinner Venue: Wednesday 11 May 2022

Hotel Adlon Kempinski

One of the dining areas in the hotel.

Hotel images courtesy of Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Dinner Venue: Thursday 12 May 2022

Borchardt Restaurant

Französische Str. 47
10117 Berlin

The Borchardt Restaurant, Belin

This dining institution is located in the Gendarmenmarkt in the centre of Berlin and has a history stretching back over 150 years. In 1853 August F. W. Borchardt laid the foundation for a new dining culture that remains intimately associated with Berlin today. In its golden era it was loved by Germany’s royalty, as did bankers, industrialists and world travellers. Bismarck was a regular customer and the Schnitzel à la Holstein was created here by Baron Friedrich von Holstein. The Borchardt company also delivered directly to the Kaiser in the Wilhelmine era and often hosted festive banquets on his behalf. Even before 1881, Borchardt offered such rare delicacies as bitter oranges from the Himalayas, strawberries from Algeria and fresh oysters. Ostrich eggs, game and fruit were sourced from the estates of Prussian nobility.