Sustainability and Conservation

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Compressor manufacturers are committed to supporting sustainability and conservation initiatives. They are working with customers to ensure the most efficient systems, implementing energy savings in operations, and reducing emissions. They are also working with their employees to guarantee they understand the environmental consequences of their jobs, and that they work in ways that minimize environmental risk and prevent harm to the environment.

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To learn more about what ICAAMC members are doing and their initiatives regarding sustainability and conservation, go to the webpages listed below.

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The customer is at the heart of our vision

As a minimum ICAAMC members strictly adhere to all laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which they operate.

It is a shared expectation and responsibility of all ICAAMC members to conduct business in a transparent, honest and ethical manner and to follow the Committee’s Code of core values in all business practices.

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Already acknowledged as highly sustainable, the Compressor industry is working hard to improve its sustainability credentials and aims to rationalize its efforts in conjunction with customers.

Best Practice Guide for use of R134a as Test Gases

An ICAAMC working group considered the impact of European legislation phasing out R134a for refrigeration in new cars from 2015 on, and the possible impact this might have on continued availability and use of R134 as a test gas. The group produced two internal guides on best practice for recapturing and reuse of R134a and on possible substitutes (currently limited).

The United States accelerated its clamp down on the use of R gases, R22 (already banned in Europe), and R134a (incentivized phase-out in cars in US in 2016, banned for new equipment 2019 or 2020 depending on size). Current regulations prescribe that you must use recycled gases, but the supply chain is still promoting the sale of new refrigerants. ICAAMC member companies minimize R134a release and recover as much test gas as possible for re-use.

ICAAMC Decarbonization Definition

ICAAMC understand decarbonization to be the term used for removal or reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Decarbonization is achieved through the utilization of decarbonization technologies: renewables, non-carbon based fuels, sequestration (CCS carbon capture and storage) and compensation.